Impromptu digital pop art

Pop art smartly recycles mainstream cultural icons in an unexpected way, telling visual stories in a format both surrealistic and accessible. Until recently pop surrealism was confined to material expressive forms, be they drawings, paintings, sculptures or happenings.

Going digital

With the advent of affordable digital creative tools, it's now possible to source and mashup virtual assets to craft original artwork, enjoying an unprecedented global exposure via an ever increasing gallery of social networks.

The unexpected trigger

On Sunday September 4th, 2016, in the early afternoon, I started playing with transparent PNG images, what you would call "stickers" in Snapchat lingo. The first image I used was Mario holding a hammer, which I mixed with a picture of Donald Trump to create a simple meme.

Creative outburst

After sharing the meme, I thought that it might be fun to continue my improvised Sunday experiment with a more sophisticated composition. I decided to blend vintage visuals with Sci Fi backgrounds. It was the spark of a compulsive creative outburst, kickstarted by a collage titled "Make Love Not War".

Teddy Bear to Crazy Frogs

Then, after publishing a futuristic piece featuring a cute teddy bear seeking shelter under a glass dome, attacked by toy soldiers and a flying saucer (titled "The End Of The World As We Know It"), I suddenly embarked on a series of surrealist batrachian visuals, "Crazy Frogs", inspired by burlesque dancers, californian surfers, circus artists, musical singers & much more. Here is the first one.

Wanna see more?

Discover the full output of the first ten days, concluded by a tiger jumping from a space vortex into a swimming pool (Diving Into The Great Unknown). All visuals are available as limited edition prints. Please contact me for orders.

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